Music Reviews

Music is my first love and here you'll find a few articles where I got to combine my other passion: writing, in one fell swoop.

Interview: Alberta Cross Talks Going Solo & His Road Back to the Basics of Good Music

Before Petter Ericson Stakee stepped inside an abandoned church-turned-studio in upstate New York to record a solo album, he was touring the country on the heels of his former band’s 2012 studio-produced album. Together with bassist Terry Wolfers, the duo called Alberta Cross, had claimed their stake in the music community with features on TV shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Californication.

Impress Music Snobs by Discovering Indie Artist Allman Brown First

If you were listening close enough last season during an especially emotional moment on NBC's "Parenthood," you may have heard Allman Brown's beautifully written song "Sons and Daughters" playing in the background. For me, it was when vocalist Liz Lawrence joined him on the chorus, filling his melodies with wonderfully placed harmonies, that I knew I had to hear more. Since Shazam'ing the song, it has been on rotation regularly, shared with coworkers and on social media sites and has led me to h