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Types of Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

Several therapeutic approaches can be used to treat alcoholism or alcohol use disorders (AUD). Comprehensive recovery efforts commonly include some combination of behavioral therapy, medications, and mutual-support group participation, for example. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to recovery, as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan, a combination of these three approaches has helped many individuals maintain sobriety long-term.

What is the Cost of Alcohol Abuse? Alcoholism Cost

Across the U.S., drinking culture has made consuming alcohol a normal part of our everyday lives. Whether happy hours with coworkers, a glass of wine with dinner, a beer or two to take the edge off of a long day, or late-night partying with friends—enjoying adult beverages is a proverbial rite of passage amongst Americans. To put things into perspective, in 2018, about 139.8 million Americans aged 12 or older drank alcohol in the past month according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Healt

Binge Drinking & Alcohol Blackouts - What Are the Dangers of Blackouts?

If you’ve ever experienced a blackout from alcohol, it may be easy to shrug it off as a normal part of drinking culture or feel that it’s not a big deal if it isn’t happening all the time. However, this risky behavior of binge drinking and heavy alcohol consumption can not only lead to dangerous situations, but also long-term health issues, regardless of how often it occurs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that about 88,000 people die every year from alcohol-related c

Alcohol Abuse: What Are the Symptoms?

Alcohol abuse is one of the world’s most abused substances, and similar to other addictive substances, it can be difficult to stop drinking completely without professional help. Alcohol addiction recovery takes time and effort, but is absolutely possible. Knowing more about the features of an alcohol use disorder as well as the available rehabilitation options can help you find the best alcohol treatment for yourself or someone close to you.